Monday, 16 November 2015

Friday Bloody Friday

A song like Sunday Bloody Sunday, by U2, becomes relevant after events like the ones that took place in Paris last Friday.
The band were scheduled to perform two concerts in Paris last weekend. Instead, they kept silent in the face of tragedy and visited the scene of the wildest attack to place some flowers and pay their respects for the victims of such senseless brutality.

Larry Mullen Jr., the drummer of U2, said the following about this song in 1983:

"We're into the politics of people, we're not into politics. Like you talk about Northern Ireland, 'Sunday Bloody Sunday,' people sort of think, 'Oh, that time when 13 Catholics were shot by British soldiers'; that's not what the song is about. That's an incident, the most famous incident in Northern Ireland and it's the strongest way of saying, 'How long? How long do we have to put up with this?' I don't care who's who - Catholics, Protestants, whatever. You know people are dying every single day through bitterness and hate, and we're saying why? What's the point? And you can move that into places like El Salvador and other similar situations - people dying. Let's forget the politics, let's stop shooting each other and sit around the table and talk about it. (...) There are very few bands that say, 'why don't you just put down the guns?' there are a lot of bands taking sides saying politics is crap, etc. Well, so what! The real battle is people dying, that's the real battle...."

Yes, what´s the point? How long must we sing this song?

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